Your specialist Partner in Partnerships

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    What we do

    Partnerships deliver progress. They inspire, amplify and create the conditions for innovation.

    Sigma works to identify, introduce and nurture the partnerships that organisations need.

    Whether entering a new market or striving to reach a new audience, your partnerships can be the single most significant factor in accelerated success.


    We help make the right partnerships work.

  • Steven Turner - Founder

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    SIGMA Solved was founded by Steven Turner who recognised the value created through partnerships in his own work.


    Steven holds a wealth of international experience. He is an Ambassador for The Scottish Business Network and an advisor to The Asia Scotland Institute which promotes trade and cultural links between to UK and Asian nations.


    "My role is to help companies find ways to use partnerships as a key accelerator of growth and innovation. By bringing together very different groups of individuals and leveraging their networks, we create real value for all."